Courgette & Pea Risotto With Prawns

Cooking time
21 mins
Preparation time
8 mins
Serves 4
  • GF
  • NF

How to Make It

Put the rice garlic and spring onions into a large microwaveable bowl then pour in 400ml stock. Cover with cling film and microwave on High for 10 mins. Stir the rice then add another 250ml of the remaining stock then cover and microwave on High again for 3 mins.

Stir the rice again then add the frozen peas courgette and the rest of the stock. Cover and microwave on the same setting for a further 8 mins. Stir in the cheese and prawns (or chicken if you prefer) then leave the risotto to stand for 2 mins. Scatter with more cheese and serve.

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