Workouts, Your Way! How To Fit In Workouts Into Your Busy Schedule

5 mins 27 Jan 21
by Embodyment with Ferne Tue, Dec 29, 20

When it comes to living a busy mom lifestyle, hearing the word workout” might often trigger a giggle or two. Lets be honest: sometimes it feels like there is just not enough time to squeeze in even a little bit of exercise!

You might remember our blog on keeping the whole family active and healthy, but how about your personal workouts? Here are some ideas to get the exercise you need without the hassle – whichever career or lifestyle you have!

1. Early bird? How about adding a yoga session to your day!

Are you wondering if yoga is for you? Trust us, there are many benefits to consider. Yoga is so much more than just stretches and poses. There is a beautiful mind and body connection associated with this time-honoured practice. Making this connection early in the morning can help you calm your mind too – making it a physical as much as a mental stimulus. So, if you are an early bird, use that extra time to your advantage for yoga sessions  - you will love this wellness exercise!

2. Freelancing? Consider cycling or jogging!

If you are freelancing, chances are that you can manage your time according to your availability. This means that you have some flexibility as to when and where you can exercise.

So, if you love getting the adrenaline pumping, schedule time each day for a cycling or jogging session. Make being your own boss work for you!

3. Love to dance? Consider online Zumba classes and get fit in a fun way!

The beauty of Zumba classes is that they are more compact than longer gym sessions  -and that they can be taken online as well, making them super convenient for busy mums! Do an online search for classes to find slots that are convenient for your schedule – and enjoy getting active on your terms!

4. Social distancing? Consider more traditional methods

For many of us, social distancing is still a big priority – which means going to the gym or the like is no really an option. So, consider more traditional options like a stationary bike or at-home gym equipment. There are several sports equipment shops providing online buying options, which means you can have your desired equipment delivered to your door – and get ready to start exercising!

5. More time on your hands? Try our 6-week-long Shape Up programme!

Heard about our new Shape It Up 6-Week programme? It is an exciting wellness solution and is perfect if you have a little more time on your hands! In just 6-weeks you can get amazing results, so simply check it out here.