Top tips for keeping a positive mindset 

by UPL M Sun, Aug 02, 20
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It’s not always possible to stay positive, sometimes life gets in the way and we need a good moan and sulk to feel good. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try and be optimistic most of the time. 

Sometimes, life just isn’t going your way, but there are things you can do and steps you can take to try and turn the day around and create a more positive mindset. 

Wake up well

If you start the day on a high it can only go up from there. That’s why there is nothing worse than something going wrong when you wake up. 

To try and stop this from happening, create a positive morning routine for yourself that will guarantee you’ll start your day the way you want to. This doesn’t have to be anything big, but instead of rolling straight out of bed and rushing about for the day, take some time to do things you enjoy, such as: 

  • Cooking and eating your favourite breakfast 
  • Reading a chapter of a book 
  • Meditating 
  • Writing down your to-do list

Keep a gratitude journal

Keeping a diary used to be something we’d do as kids, but now it’s totally something that we can still do as adults. There is something refreshing about writing down your thoughts for the day, as though you’re getting everything off your chest. 

Not only does journaling give you the chance to reflect on your thoughts, emotions and actions, but it can also be used as a way to bring out the positives in the day. Start each journal entry by writing down three things you are grateful for that day. This can be anything from seeing an old friend to eating your favourite meal. 

Writing down the things you are grateful for is a simple reminder when you’re down that there is always good in the day. 

Have a social media clearout 

Although social media is full of inspiring women helping us to empower ourselves, sometimes it can become overwhelming. 

We have all been caught up in the world on Instagram, looking and comparing our lives to other people’s. Although this isn’t always a bad thing, if you’re feeling in a particularly low mood, this can make things worse. 

So, remove yourself from social media for a few days and spend some time connecting with the real world. This will give you the opportunity to work on yourself and stop comparing yourself to other people. 

Now, take some time out to plan ways you can create a more positive mindset in your daily life. Pick one or two of the points above, or create your own path to a more positive lifestyle. 

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