Stop Fretting About Your Dress Size: Embrace Body Confidence. Embrace You

by UPL Marketing Tue, Sep 22, 20

Have you ever felt your heart sink because your clothes felt tighter than last time. But then you tried another style, a different brand and was a size smaller. It seriously plays with your emotions and it gets disheartening too.

You mean so much more than fitting into any size dress. It is just a number. It doesn’t define you as a person and you should never let it affect you in a negative way. 

Embrace who you are and what you stand for. Channel this and empower the women around you.

It all comes down to embracing your body, being confident and body positive. Not one person in this world is like you- that’s what makes you unique. That is your value.

Size isn’t a reflection of who you are and your worth.

Wear clothes that make you feel good, sexy and empowered. Nothing else should get in the way of that. Amen

Just keep this in mind: Beauty lies within, love the skin you're in.

Always strive for progression not perfection. 

You should work on bettering yourself and strengthening your mind everyday and live your best life feeling confident in you.

Time to be happy and body confident because you are all beautiful x

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