Living Life On The Fast Lane: 7 Tips To Manage Your Time Efficiently

by UPL Marketing Thu, Sep 10, 20

Wanting to make the time and actually finding the time are two different things. It all comes down to knowing how to manage your day to day efficiently when living life on the fast lane. But it is also so important to be productive with your time too, as at the end of the day when you can finally sit down you are able to reflect and feel satisfied that you are empowered and powered through the day.

So here are 7 of my top tips I swear by:

It works for me, I’m hoping it will do for you too my lovelies.

Be realistic 

You want goals you know you will be able to reach by the end of the day or week. Don’t be setting out unrealistic goals as this inevitably sets you up for failure from the start and instantly makes you feel bad and demotivated.

It is all about progression, not perfection. So be kind to yourself.

Be organised

Take time the night before you go to bed to set your alarm and set yourself up for the next day. Preparing in advance keeps you in check, running on time and be a better person. So get your clothes ready, kid's school bag packed, take any pre prepped meals out of the freezer ready for the next day, and prepare lunch. This will save you from running around on the day. These small daily disciplines are key to keeping in check and giving structure for your day to day.

Practice meditation 

Finding the time for yourself to be still and clear your mind allows for bigger and greater fields of energy to circulate. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, find your inner happy place and just reflect.

Count your gratitude and give thanks

Fear and stress can’t live with gratitude. This is why it is so important to write three things you're thankful and grateful for. Being appreciative of the smallest things in life goes a long way.

Kettle challenge

We all love a cuppa, so we stand around for the kettle to boil. Probably scrolling through our phones while we wait. This is a principle known as ‘dead time.’ Set a challenge instead, be productive! Put together a to do list for the day, book appointments, send that email you said you’ll do later, prep dinner. Or why not even exercise, get in some squats, star jumps or burpees!

Plan your week ahead

You have to ‘spend’ time to ‘make’ time! Take time in your day, with no distractions and prioritise what you need to get done for the week. If it helps set reminders on your phone to keep on track (remember be realistic). Even alerts five minutes before - we can’t remember everything and anything on the fast lane, so use the resources you have to make it easier for you. Be kind to yourself, remember.


Be mindful of time vampires

Spending too much time on our phones is easily done and can be draining. Monitor your screen time! Don’t make it the first thing you reach for in the morning either. Wake up thankful, place your feet down and feel the positive energy radiate. When you find yourself reaching for your phone, stop to think do I really need to be checking Instagram and get myself into a insta hole? Don’t waste time, let it inspire you instead, use it to your advantage! Spending your time wisely will help make your day run that bit more smoother

People can be energy vampires too, don’t let them suck the living daylights out of you.

Now go and smash the rest of your day, you should be living your best life everyday. 

Make the time and it is all possible!

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