How To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

by Nicole Gibbs Wed, Aug 05, 20

It can be relatively easy to plod along in life, stay with the same job, keep the same circle of friends, stay in a mediocre relationship; stay in your comfort zone. However, what would happen if you grew the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone, and how do you go about getting there?


When we train, we begin our exercise regime and everything is an effort. However, as time goes on, it all becomes a whole lot easier, our fitness improves, we learn the moves, and we are, once again, in our comfort zone. Fitness is a great example of how we can mix things up a little, step outside this zone of comfort, and shows how much more we can achieve by pushing ourselves that bit harder. From financial gain, to happiness, there is a lot to be said for feeling a little nervous sometimes.


Ever heard the saying, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got?’ It’s so true on every level. Complacency can be detrimental to us becoming the best person we can be. If you have something you desire, whatever it may be, chances are you can get there, you just need to give yourself an extra nudge in the right direction.




Fear is usually the main component, that prevents us from chasing our dreams. Fear of failing, fear of looking stupid, fear of the unknown. Whilst fears can sometimes be understood, we should not allow these fears to control us.


Face your fears, and believe in yourself. Visualise yourself achieving your dream over and over again until it feels natural. Then face your fear and conquer it. When you see yourself succeed, in any dimension, it will breed more success. Your self confidence will grow, your belief and you won’t be so scared next time. Once you realise you are in control of your destiny, you are more willing to challenge your future; shape it as you desire.




Your mind, knowledge and your confidence will grow. Once it begins to grow, and you see how it feels, it will continue to do so. You will become more focused and more productive. Momentum will begin and once you succeed in one area of your life, you will see this has a ripple effect into many other areas of your life.


Begin today, join a new group, try a new exercise class, or go take that job role you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever it is, believe in you and research what you need to do to succeed. And never give up. There is no fear in failing, because you can always try again, and again and again. There is only fear in never trying.

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