How to Include Time For You in a Busy Lifestyle

by Nicole Gibbs Sat, Aug 01, 20
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How many times do you catch yourself saying “I don’t have time”, as an answer for why you’re always so busy? If you’ve lost count, you’re not alone. It’s potentially one of the most overused sayings! And when it comes to fitness, staying healthy and dedicating time to self-care, it seems to be the most common phrase to throw around. 

So many of us have busy lifestyles. We juggle work, studying, school, being parents, and not forgetting trying to relax or socialise. Often, we find there isn’t time ‘left over’ to do something for ourselves or practice doing the things we enjoy. 

However, no one can argue that life is so much better when we give ourselves time to slow down, look after ourselves and dedicate ourselves to some ‘me time’.  If you find that doing this is a constant struggle, take a read below and see if you can start making some changes: 


Block out time for yourself

Spending an entire evening completely on your own is underrated. You could spend it doing anything you like, from reading, exercising, meditating, searching for holidays, or absolutely anything you fancy! It can sometimes be unrealistic to set time aside for yourself during the day, but most people can find an evening per week where when they try, they can really block out a few hours purely for themselves. 

Look at your schedule and see which evening looks best. If anyone tempts you with plans, remember to tell them that you are busy. You’ve got a date with yourself, and that’s equally as important as any other task you would usually book in. 

If you find it too stressful trying to leave one evening a week for yourself, go a little wider and physically book something in for yourself once a month. It can be a nail appointment, a spa day, a trip to the cinema or a day at a workout studio. Once it’s officially booked in, it’s harder to cancel. 


Start finishing work on time


How many of you reading this are guilty of working overtime? It’s so common, yet if you clock up all those extra hours, think of what you could have done for yourself in that time. 

You could start by allocating three days a week to finishing work on time, if every day is too hard for you. Say that you’ll get home earlier and start cooking an evening meal from scratch, making an effort to create healthier, home cooked meals. Enjoy the extra time. Leave anything work related where it belongs – at work. 


Look at groups to join

When something is booked in and recurring, like a group class, it’s easier to start getting in the routine of turning up and spending the duration of the session doing something for you.

It’s key that you think about something you’ll look forward to doing, that really resonates with time for yourself. It could be a training course, or even a mum social club where you can break away from your duties and socialise with other mums. 

If you would rather spend the time doing something in terms of investing in yourself and your future, you could always look at adult education classes. There are loads available in an array of subjects like photography, beauty therapy, personal training or creative writing, to name a few. 


Overall, neglecting yourself is the worst thing you can do. Taking time out of your busy schedule only needs to be one evening a week, or even just a couple of hours here and there – everyone is different. But either way, it’s so important for everyone, no matter what your current lifestyle and setup is like. 

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