How to Get Started Working Out at Home

by Nicole Gibbs Sat, Aug 01, 20
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Whether you have been actively working out for a long time, or you’re new to the world of fitness, learning how to start an at-home regime is always a little difficult. 

Your home is the space you cook, clean, relax, and for some, work during the day! Bring in a fitness plan and using the space to keep active, and it can be easy to see why some people just can’t get into it right away. 

For some, making time for gym visits or booking into classes just doesn’t work. Full time jobs, family life and money issues can make it a constant battle, which is where working out at home has many benefits. Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can start to get on board with a fitness regime from the comfort of your home, while saving on gym fees and working around your own schedule. 

Here’s some tips to get started:


Make it fit into your realistic daily routine


Don’t start off telling yourself you’ll set your alarm at 5.30 every morning to workout, if you have never been a morning person with no intention of starting your day that early. It’s not as easy as purchasing a set of weights and saying you’ll do reps when you wake up at the crack of dawn! 

Start with a small commitment to yourself. Look at your day realistically. Could you squeeze in half an hour at 7am when you get up? How about saving aside a 20-minute slot before going to bed? Instead of having that lazy hour on the sofa after work, could you commit to a half an hour cardio workout along to a fitness YouTube video? 

To succeed long-term, it has to realistically fit into your life without unnaturally forcing something. Build this new commitment into your routine and eventually your body will expect to do the activity, making it a habit. 


Have a dedicated space at home for fitness


By designating a small space in your home for working out, you’ll associate the room/space with exercising, making it seem a normal thing to do. You can store your fitness equipment there, like a mat, weights or resistance bands, and even decorate it to reflect your new activity. Motivational prints or images of your inspirations are always handy to have around, as is a music system so you can pump out your favourite workout music! 


Get yourself the right equipment


It’s surprising how owning the right equipment, along with quality activewear, can make such a difference to working out at home. It really can help you get into a fitness routine, when you have everything you need and enjoy using right there at home. 

You don’t need to make it an expensive thing. A soft mat, dumbbells, resistance bands and comfortable workout apparel is all you need to be fully equipped at home. 

Make sure you feel great in the workout wear, as again, it’s crazy the effect looking good while working out has on the mind too! 


As with any new habit, working out from the comfort of your home can take a while, but once you’ve started and have found a time, a place and the right workout activities for you, it should soon become something you look forward to… 

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