Got A Cold? Here Is The Perfect Go To Remedy

by UPL Marketing Tue, Sep 22, 20

The worst feeling has got to be when you feel bunged up and just helpless. But there’s no need to worry about that now, as we have a few secrets to let you in on…

Here are a few home remedies you can conjure at home and you’ll be as right as rain in no time…

Chicken soup: Research shows that it can help slow the movement of neutrophils in your body. Neutrophils are a common type of white blood cell which help protect your body from infection.

Ginger: The health benefits of ginger has been spoken about for centuries now but it is scientifically proven to help soothe a cough and sore throat. All you need to do is cut a few slices of ginger root in boiling water and drink once cooled down.

Honey: Known to have a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Drinking honey in a tea with lemon helps ease sore throat pain. Research suggests that honey is an effective cough suppressant too.

Garlic: Contains a compound called allicin- this has antimicrobial properties. By adding garlic to your diet it may reduce the severity of cold like symptoms. 

Echinacea: This is a herb used to treat and clear infections. It contains an active ingredient known as: Flavonoids. This chemical has therapeutic effects on the body as it boosts your immune system and helps reduce inflammation.

Vitamin C: Plays an important role in your body and skin too. Along with limes, oranges, grapefruits, leafy greens and other fruits and vegetables, lemons which are all good sources of vitamin C. It protects your immune system from harmful substances and germs. 

Probiotics: Say hello to “friendly” bacteria and yeast that are found in your body and some foods. Probiotics help your gut and immune system to stay healthy. For a delicious and nutritious source of helpful bacteria you can include probiotic yogurt in your diet- it’s also a healthy snack option as it provides you with protein and calcium.

Keep well and keep healthy x 

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